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  • The Token Engineering Academy needs the TEC’s support to cover operational costs
  • Four months of funding are $64k
  • Posted as two proposals, each asking for $32k

Jan 8, 2023
Both proposals passed and have been executed - thank you so much to everyone who supported it!!

The 2nd part of this proposal is now up for conviction voting:

The first proposal passed - thanks everyone for your support!

Proposal description

With the launch of TE Fundamentals, TE Academy made a huge step towards establishing a valuable, credible educational organization in this new field.

So far, TE Academy has created revenues via crypto project sponsorships, a model that turned out to be hard to continue in 2023. In recent days, the TE Academy had several funders change plans, which resulted in a cash crunch that risks the Academy closing its doors.

This proposal requests a donation from the Token Engineering Commons for the next four months of operations, divided into two proposals. Ensuring minimal funding for the short term will bring the relief needed to shift to new revenue streams.

Some numbers on what we’ve achieved so far:

  • a student base of 1200+ in 6 weeks (registered profiles at
  • a community of ~50 volunteers offering weekly P2P study groups, learning groups, and token engineering writing support
  • 1300+ member Discord with ~30 active channels
  • 7400+ Twitter followers, 2500+ in the newsletter address base
  • A team, know-how, and infrastructure to run TE Academy
  • A unique team of token engineering mentors and teachers
  • A partnership track record with atm 17 well-known crypto projects

Additional information to add


How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

The TEC funding will help TE Academy to continue to run and improve educational offerings while developing new revenue streams.

Amount requested

How much in wxDAI are you requesting?
$64k in 2 separate proposals

How will these funds be used?

The funds will be distributed as follows:

Team 85%
Operations, Study Groups, Ecosystem, Marketing/Comms – Angela, Pati, Angie
Strategy, Courses, Educational Program – Angela, Andrew
TEA Tech – General Magic
Legal – Ana

Infrastructure 15%
Software Licenses, Servers, Minting Fees

What does success look like?

The TE Academy can continue operating at its optimal capacity without laying off team members, a drain of know-how, or hurting the student community.

How will you share progress?

TE Academy will take part in the weekly TEC Twitter spaces to give updates on our progress.

Project information

Team Information

Operations, Study Groups, Ecosystem, Marketing/Comms – Angela, Pati, Angie
Strategy, Courses, Educational Program – Angela, Andrew
TEA Tech – General Magic
Legal – Ana

plus a fantastic crowd of ~50 volunteers, such as study group hosts or token engineering writers

Complementary information

We appreciate that the TEC is be here for us in this time of need. We generally try not to ask for donations, but in this circumstance, we need them while we focus on building revenue streams for sustainability. Thank you for your support!


Very excited to support this proposal. Literally will be counting the days. I think no other project is more aligned with the mission of the TEC than TE Academy :smiley:


Super happy to see yet another collaboration between TEC and TE Academy!! Looking forward to seeing TE Academy inaugurate 2023 with the support of this inspiring community.


I support this proposal! Let’s keep the TEA rolling during these tough times. I think you are creating an amazing amount of value for TE.


I heartily support this proposal too. Can’t imagine a better use of public goods funding for building the field of token engineering.

I mean think about it: what other single grant could we make that would have more of an impact on the long-term impact of this field?


Thanks everyone for your support!
I’ve moved this proposal to “Conviction Voting” to prepare the voting process.


The proposal is now up for Conviction Voting:

Again, appreciate your support, we’ll continue working hard to make TE Academy successful! :heart: :handshake:


Big thank you to everyone who supported our proposal! :heart: :rainbow: We’ll keep you all posted on our next steps.


Great start to the New Year: Our second proposal passed! :rainbow:

Big thank you to everyone who supported it; it gives us much fresh energy to continue our work.
We’re having conversations with students and new course authors who all confirm the value of TE Academy for learning, making connections, finding great collaborators and inspiration.

We’re working on next steps with General Magic at full speed now; expect great news in the upcoming weeks. 2023 will be exciting!
Thanks again! :pray:t4:


Hi friends!

Since our proposals passed in Dec/Jan we’ve been working full speed on next steps.
We’ve put your funds to good use!

Last 8 weeks’ results:

  • Ecosystem: new #TEWeeklyReads sharing weekly updates and building authority in the space via Twitter/LinkedIn/Newsletter (resulted in new connections to Bancor/Carbon and Outlier Ventures tokenengineering teams, joint events in the making)
  • Revenues: new infrastructure enabling to charge for services, link contributions and NFTs and get value flows going (planned launch March 1st)
  • Grants: nominated for a grant a Optimism RetroPGF Education nominations for RPGF2 - #77 by lee0007 - 🔴 RetroPGF - Optimism Collective

That’s just the beginning.
On Wednesday, Feb 22 - 5pm UTC we’ll present the TE Academy Roadmap 2023 with @gideonro and @liviade and share more about our exciting plans for this year.

See you there!
Thanks again for your support :heart:


Amazing, well done :clap: :clap: :clap:


:rainbow: Yey - we’ve just published TE Academy’s Roadmap 2023.

Key elements:

  • Job opportunities for token engineers
  • NFT-based proofs of knowledge & reputation as community asset
  • Token-based value flows, integrating $TEC

More here: TE Academy Roadmap 2023. TE Academy had a significant year in… | by Angela Kreitenweis | TE Academy | Mar, 2023 | Medium

Comments welcome!