Retroactive Funding for Swag Shop expenses (Hatch and EthCC 2021)

Retroactive Funding for Swag Shop expenses (Hatch and EthCC)


All the swag was bought from Griff’s personal credit card. This proposal serves as a reimbursement for Griff.

Proposal description

Here’s the total payments incurred as of May 31, 2022:


Month Amount Spent (in USD) Orders
June 2021 52.57 1
July 2021 226.99 8
August 2021 1,416.02 56
September 2021 327.98 13
October 2021 109.13 4
November 2021 0 0
December 2021 28.81 1
January 2022 48.11 2
February 2022 26.14 1
TEC Swag 2,235.75 86

EthCC (Paris)

Month Amount Spent (in USD)
July 2021 5,487.13

Total: 7,722.88 wxDAI

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

Swag is an important part of any community, we all have these TEC Shirts and wear them proudly. They help the world know that there are a lot of happy members of the TEC.

Amount requested (Only for Conviction Voting)

7,722.88 wxDAI

Team Information


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This has been unresolved for a while. I personally wouldn’t vote for these decisions today, but they were made in a different time, with a different financial reality. Ultimately, I choose to support this partially – out of appreciation for Griff’s remarkable generosity. He gives and gives on so many fronts and he’s now asking for this one reimbursement. I don’t think it’s right to leave him hanging like this.

Going forward though, I am opposed to “reimbursement funding proposals.” They make conviction voting more personal than it should be, ideally. More importantly though, the community deserves to be able to weigh in on spending decisions before they are made. That’s why I don’t think they’re a good way to run a common pool, and why I recommend clarifying proposal guidelines to discourage them in the future.


Yeah these expenses occurred before there was a Common Pool. They are definitely a special case.

This was basically part of a marketing budget for the Hatch and hopefully paid for itself 3x in Hatch contributions.