Retirement of Working Groups - Transparency & Communitas

It’s a time for celebration once again as we retire two of our Working Groups (Transparency & Communitas). As part of the retirement process, each WG is required to submit documents that express the following:

1.) When operations of the WG will cease.
2.) A list of WG Learnings.
3.) Plans for distributing remaining funds.
4.) A list of tasks and functions to pass forward.

This post is a notification to the community on the Retirement of these two Working Groups, and how they will move forward.

The Transparency Working Group

The Transparency Working Group was one of our oldest active Working Groups, and was Stewarded by @ZeptimusQ! During its existence it provided the TEC with transparent information and documentation processes. It established the first version of the TEC Dune Dashboard, tracked all of our decisions within the TEC, and maintained 2 years worth of daily meetings for public access. The Transparency WG has been integral to our success in the TEC, and we want to thank everyone who made contributions to this WG throughout the past few years!

In accordance with our WG Retirement process, we are submitting the Transparency WG Document.

Communitas Working Group

The Communitas WG was formed in October of 2021 in an effort to nurture grow and guide the TEC community, and was Stewarded by @vegayp! During this time, the Communitas WG hosted orientation calls for countless potential members, provided guidance and education to our community, and hosted events that built cohesion and promoted an inclusive and respectful culture within the TEC. We want to thank everyone who contributed to the success of the Communitas WG!

In accordance with our WG Retirement process, we are submitting the Communitas WG Document.