Retirement of Working Groups - T.E.A.M. DAO (Communications)

It’s a time for celebration once again as we retire T.E.A.M. DAO and its associated Working Groups. As part of the retirement process, each WG is required to submit documents that express the following:

1.) When operations of the WG will cease.
2.) A list of WG Learnings.
3.) Plans for distributing remaining funds.
4.) A list of tasks and functions to pass forward.

This post is a notification to the community on the Retirement of T.E.A.M. DAO and associated Working Groups, and how they will move forward.


The Token Engineering Amplify Messengers worked as a decentralized agency that provided communications services to projects that help advance Token Engineering. This DAO emerged from the Communications WG that preceded it. The DAO was composed of multiple WGs that included the Writers Guild, Marketing, Translations, Animation & Video Production, T.E. Academy, and Twitter Planning. The T.E.A.M. DAO was guided by the Communications Steward @chuygarcia92 who ushered in a new era of experimentation and practices for our Communications efforts in the TEC. We want to thank everyone who made contributions to the T.E.A.M. DAO and the broader communication efforts over the past few years!

In accordance with our WG Retirement process, we are submitting the T.E.A.M. DAO and Communications WG Document.