Retirement of Working Groups - Stewards WG

It’s a time for celebration once again as we retire the Stewards Working Group. As part of the retirement process, each WG is required to submit documents that express the following:

1.) When operations of the WG will cease.
2.) A list of WG Learnings.
3.) Plans for distributing remaining funds.
4.) A list of tasks and functions to pass forward.

This post is a notification to the community on the Retirement of the Stewards Working Group, and how they will move forward.

Stewards WG

The Stewards were the active and present, servant leaders in the know within the TEC. We stated our goals as:

  • Shared vision. To ensure all Stewards are aware of the other WG priorities and activities and are focused on our shared roadmap.
  • Effective coordination. To plan and coordinate interdependent activities across multiple WG.
  • Maintain knowledge. To maintain an active group of community stewards who are well versed in how the TEC functions and are ready to pitch in to help advance TEC goals.
  • Vision and Values. Maintain alignment with the TEC mission vision and values.
  • Steward support. To allow stewards to gather and discuss what we are feeling in the community and any issues or blockers they may be experiencing themselves or within their WG. This weekly space allows raised problems to be solved in a group setting with the benefit of collective intelligence.
  • Nurture Community. Nurturing the overall culture/growth of the TEC community

And our WG was a place where Stewards could support each other, coordinate across our multiple workstreams and develop towards the mission of the TEC to advance Token Engineering.

In accordance with our WG Retirement process, we are submitting the Steward WG Document.


Just read this, felt so nostalgic!

Great work putting this together <3