Results of TE Grants Round 2

About the Round

During the past Gitcoin Beta Round (Aug 15 - 29) we had the second QF round of our TE Grants Program as a Gitcoin Featured Round, funding came from TEC’s Common Pool.

Round Configuration:

  • $25k matching pool
  • 20% matching cap
  • 2x coefficient multiplier for the TE Matching Boost, more details below

Round Stats:

  • 14 projects
  • 1,837 unique donors
  • 2,608 contributions in total
  • $5,786.48 raised from donors
  • $3.15 average contribution

Results of the round

Here are the results of the round for the projects:

Project Name Payout in $TEC
Bonding Curve Research Group (BCRG) 9710.0293
DataBites 7073.6435
Dynamic Optimization Algorithm for Self-regulating Tokenomics 6982.7264
Index Wallets 5533.4081
Commons Stack 6044.8391
EVMcrispr 2417.2633
Retroactive Thank you to Volunteers at Token Engineering Barcamp (EthCC Paris 2023) 2522.4362
cadCAD: Computer Aided Design for Complex Systems 2105.8418
TurtleShell 1771.6133
TE Career Builder for Womxn in Web 3 1431.2730
Towards an Industry Standard Python Library for Token Engineering 999.2563
Programmable Quantitative Token Model 848.6801
SymVal 642.5911
HarbergerToken - A Decentraliazed Infra for Sustainable Funding of Open Source Proj. 466.5447
Total 48550.1464

Next Round

Dates for the next round are still TBD, we’ll communicate them as soon as we finalise some details :robot:.

In the meantime, if you are a grantee interested in participating, or a project interested in sponsoring this or following rounds. Please reach out to us via discord or

Any feedback on how can we improve is very much appreciated!