Question: How can our TEC Twitter account accurately represent our community? What tone do we want to portray?

Dear Community,

After a little time with TEC Twitter I wanted to make some comments and request input. Clearly a single person can not easily represent the opinions of a group. I would like to nurture our community’s connection to the TEC Twitter account. We as a community must consider this question: What tone should our Twitter strive for? What pace and style shall we broadcast from our twitter, and where to we draw the line with fringe conversation. In the blink of an eye the topic can switch from Xbox to Covid to politics.

The only true cleanest Twitter is an Announcements channel that prohibits public comments. As we grow we may need to splinter into 2 accounts We get all kinds of flavours of comments! I would hate to taint the TEC reputation by engaging with a troll or spam. Right now 1 channel suits us nicely imo.

I want to find ways for community members to share their voices so that our Twitter account more accurately represents the community. Not just my voice! Most of the time I can maintain a professional sterile tone alas the human-ness in me sneaks out occasionally. Like at 1am when sleep is overtaking me. Let me apologize in advance for those ones. Sorry folks!

In 1hive there is a discord channel ‘Social Curation’ in which anyone can post suggestions for social media posts for the community. They vote by emoji. After 24 hours the up/down emojis are counted and a win causes a human to publish the potential post.

I’d love to open a conversation about helping the TEC twitter reflect YOU, or maybe strictly Token Engineering, or maybe your cat. Please comment :green_heart:


I think you’re doing a great job!

If there are moments, when you personally (as the voice of the TEC) “do not know”, I think its great to say that! You could also @ anyone from our community on twitter who you think may know as a method to pull in more voices from the community!

I really see the Twitter engagement increase and thats an overall positive! During those types of engagements I would encourage you to bring in specific individuals and highlight their voice within the thread, allowing them to be an authority on the subject and allowing them to grow their platform simultaneously!


I really like the TEC Twitter presence. Is that you doing the whole thing, @blazingthirdeye?

The one thing I would say is that the personal touch comes through the account. It’s a friendly voice that is clearly human and I think that is so very, very important. I wouldn’t ever want to lose that and not all Twitter brand accounts have that - by a long shot.

I think that @natesuits comments are right on, too. The way to expand the perception of a range of people in the community is by mentioning folks. Not just bringing them in when you might not have the answer, but maybe even setting aside a certain percentage of tweets to highlight someone and what they’re doing with a working group or a special thing they did even outside the working groups. It could be a cool way to help the world understand what all goes into building a rich community.

That you’re even asking this question is a really great sign, by the way, of a healthy community.

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Hey @blazingthirdeye

I agree! 1. That’s an immense amount of pressure. and 2. I’m a bit surprised to hear that; I assumed the Comms WG were stewarding this as a group. Could share a little more about the current responsibilities and roles as they fall? Sounds like you’re stewarding Twitter alone?

Absolutely. I wonder if this is a good opportunity to:

  1. Put the call out for a small team to work with you for a specified period of time to dive into these questions and bring your shared findings/ideas back to the community.
  2. The community can then share their reflections, and
  3. Agreed ‘Twitter guidelines’ can then go to a vote.
  4. Anyone who then takes the Social Media reins will have clear guidelines to work from, so reducing the stress on just one person and helping us share a desired tone of voice.

I don’t think any of us should be feeling so pressured by work at the TEC that we’re doing it at 1am, unless that’s the kind of natural rhythm we have. There’s something not right here if that’s the case and I think the first focus should be on working out a way that the TEC manages Twitter / organises your role so that’s not the case.

I love this idea!


Thanks for working on it David and for having those questions, this type of thinking definitely will make our processes more collaborative

I would love to see something similar on TEC that’s a beautiful way of representing everyone of us!

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This was a such a nice post to read! I appreciate your taking to the Forum to seek out advice. Since you’ve taken on the responsibility of the TEC Twitter account, there has been a noticeable uptick in engagement. That is very positive.

I would like to see the TEC Twitter be informative about Token Engineering and engage those that are well established and those curious about it. A leading source of information and discussion about token engineering. That is what success would look like to me.

I feel that whomever is tweeting as TEC is representing the TEC, not themselves. That doesn’t mean the voice need to be dry. We all know there is a real person with a real personality behind the curtain. In Nate’s example, saying “I don’t know” as the TEC could have been done in another way. @blazingthirdeye or @tamarandom or anyone else can say that but TEC might instead share they are starting a conversation on our Discord to see who knows more about the topic, for example.

Speaking of representing the TEC, I think it would also help for you to become more involved in the TEC to get a better intuition for our culture and what is on “our minds” at the moment. I think you have already started this though, so you’re ahead of me there!

“Social Curation” sounds great. Let’s make that channel.


Wow these replies have been meaningful and helpful. Exactly the discussion I was seeking. Thanks everyone and have a great weekend. I love the ideas presented.

Just to answer the question, is the Twitter all me? No the TEC twitter is not all me. The Comms group manages it together, and while we all draft content and type tweets, my primary role here at the TEC is Twitter engagement and growth. This frees up Chuy and Ivi the rest of Comms to focus on other areas & strategies.

I really look forward to polishing and nurturing this account into the stratosphere. Tam’s statement is like a lighthouse beam shining the path ahead…our twitter shall be “A leading source of information and discussion about token engineering”…this sums up the nature of the account perfectly to me.

After a long delay languishing in a very long twitter thread ranging from conspiracy to covid I finally pulled the TEC out this morning. I feel I dallied too far down the path of casual conversation and will reset with some of our great planned twitter content. We have some fabulous core contributors and I am so grateful for your engagement thus far.

Short term goals are pretty obvious I think. Community brainstorming and discussion.

Medium term goals: Great Twitter Analytics & some type of ‘Social Curation’ (SC) channel or similar option for the TEC. I’d love to use the SC Channel project to pull 1hive and Tec a little closer together. I’m not sure how that would look but perhaps we can use/buy/fork their discord bot which must be compatible with their Sourcecred instance. And I think we are getting a Sourcecred instance…

Long term goals:…game-shows and contests…?..something NFT related?..highlight series about project we fund!..thoughts and musings?


Thank you so much for all the wonderful comments! This has been incredibly helpful to me. My door is always open for comments, questions or critiques. Please reach out via Discord dm to:
David (please DYOR…)#4116 for anything related to the TEC Twitter and I will do my best to get you answers.