Proposal for Comms Stewardship

Hello TEC Community!

Some background: when T.E.A.M.s was put together in Comms, I took a position of stewardship for onboarding most of the current contributors that are currently active in the WG.
I became dependent on this role’s income and kept pushing for contributors initiatives, however after some months this proved to be not as efficient for the Stewards WG.
Even though I fully support the discussion around stewardship in the community not being a compensated role, I’m finding myself in a difficult situation, which is why I’d like to request 1200 wxDAI per month for the next 5 months (June-November) to fulfill the steward role within Comms.
I’d also like to add that these funds will not be just for Chuy, but on the contrary, I’d like to make an open commitment with the community for exploring different forms of rotation around the WGCL role, which in the case of Comms was of great use and support for our coordination efforts.
Please let me know if you have any ideas to improve this circumstantial proposal, as well as any concerns you’d like to express.


Support for TEA TEAM’s Proposal for Q3 and Q4 2022

Hello TEC and TEA Community! As you may know, one of the main goals of the TEAMs project was to empower creatives in the TE field for providing communications services to different projects. One of the TEAMs that has proveen itself the last months has been the TE Academy TEAM, showing progress in their areas of contributions.
Some of the great benefits that this TEAM has brought to the table to mention a few are:

  • Angieberryberry has went all-in with supporting Comms and community management for the TE Academy, working closely with Pati and Angela while expanding her knowledge on Token Engineering. Some of this TEAM’s planning from the last months can be seen here.
  • In addition to support content planning, AnaTech has been present in several IRL events and communities. Here, she’s been actively spreading the word and maintaining presence of the TE Academy and Commons and the opportunities they offer. She has even passed some great merchandise around!
  • Efra started contributing with design a few months ago and proven to be a great support, so we want to formally bring him on board for the next months.

Back when we put the TE Academy TEAM together we had specific objectives we wanted to reach. Based in this original post I think two of the previous objectives can be reinforced in this next stage:

  • Refer attendees to TEA courses to join and contribute to the TEC.
  • Strengthen internal communications through regular syncs.

Since the TEAM ran out of funding, we wanted to present a new proposal that optimizes resources given the market and TEC conditions and at the same time has room for improvements. After talks with TE Academy, we put together a proposal.
The funding proposal for June-October 2022 (5 months) is as follows:

Contributor Hours per week Total wxDAI p/ month
Angieberryberry 23 1,748
AnaTech 15 1,140
Efra 6 456
TEC and TEA Merchandise - 750 (one-time)

TE Academy was very happy with the work we’ve provided over the last months. So they decided to cover the comms work on TE Academy’s side via a dedicated TE Academy budget of 750 DAI per month, which will cover Angieberryberry’s hours. This proposal is meant to complement current TE Academy comms efforts by strengthening the relationship with TEC comms, but it doesn’t represent their core functions.

With this in mind, we would be requesting a total of $13,720.00 wxDAI.