Praise to the TEC - Taking some time-off!

I just want to thank the community! I love collaborating, thinking, and working with such an amazing group of people. I think we are making huge strides toward executing on the TEC mission, and feel so much gratitude towards all of you!

I am announcing that I will be taking some time off to nurture the newest member of the community, Kepler Day Suits. He was born on 04/17 and I’m very excited to introduce him to all of you in due time! The amount of time I’m taking off is for at least a month (maybe more (as I figure out how to become a parent)), which will consist of extremely minimal participation (listening in on calls, small tasks, and praise!).

With that being said, I wanted to let you know exactly what initiatives that I will continue to work on in the background, what initiatives that I will be delegating, and things that still need to be championed.

Things I will be participating in:

Multi-Sig Approvals - I will continue to fulfill my duties associated with being a multi-sig signer, approving payments, and monitoring distributions. I would like to ask for reminders on any activity within these wallets, although I will do my best to keep my eyes on it.

Writing - I will continue to write on multiple topics and initiatives, including work within the Writers Guild, the TEC Handbook, and Case-Studies.

Things I will not be participating in:

Coordination - I will not be able to actively participate in Sprint Planning and Retrospectives, and general coordination between WGs.

Community & WG Calls - I want to keep listening in on Community calls, WG calls, and the Onboarding Call. My participation and input will be limited, and I will probably enter and exit at will. I would prefer to be skipped during collective inputs on these calls unless stated otherwise.

Things that will need champions:

Twitter Spaces - It hurts me to have to leave the Twitter Space initiative as soon as its getting started, but it could be a blessing in disguise. If you are interested in helping with this public initiative for education and exploration within Token Engineering, please reach out and I can help you further this initiative going forward.

Medium Management - For those in the Writers Guild, I would love for someone to Champion the management and continuous development of the TEC Medium Page. I anticipate @gideonro will be taking this on soon!

TEC Handbook - While I will continue writing some updates for the TEC Handbook, I am looking for someone to manage and approve Handbook updates submitted by the community. If this type of responsibility interests you, please let me know and I will get you the approvals!

Community Call Survey - This is a task that needs a champion, and simply involves the distribution of a survey to any new members attending the community call. If interested, send me a DM!

Once again, thank you all for everything. I will keep you updated through this thread on all of my intentions regarding participation.

All the Best,

Nate, Nat, and Kepler!


Congratulations Nate! :hugs:
Enjoy it to the fullest!


Congrats, Nate! I’m so glad that you’re taking this time off to fully immerse yourself in the experience of becoming a new father. We’ve got you covered. :slight_smile:


OH baby :sleeping:
Much Congrats


Congratulations on the biggest adventure of your life. Sending you all much love. We’re gonna hold down the fort while you’re away. Enjoy this time. It will pass a lot faster than you think possible… :purple_heart:


This is wonderful news for the family.
Congratulations Nate!!!
Being a parent for the first time is the best thing in life.