Parameters Party Voting Strats

Hello everyone! I take the idea from livi and I want to open a discussion on what’s your strat on voting for the parameters. And how its usual on TEC who propose start :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m a bit confused now everything it’s going super fast but I feel there it’s 2 strats that I can think of.

1rst one: If you have some parameters you want them to pass because you think that are the best ones (can be yours or from someone else you trust). I would vote them asap so you make sure everyone sees those parameters on the top. The top always makes this feeling acceptance and robustness.

2nd one: I would wait until the very end so i can read all the discussion on the github issues, and you can decide between the TOP so you make sure your vote counts more ( i mean you would want other one to pass but since it didn’t had enough support between the ones the community as a whole want you decide which one you like more)

It’s a very quick post, i really wanna love to hear from you guys!! As u might know I like to listen more than to speak so tell me your strats, I might change mine thanks to you !

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Thank you Zepti for your post…

@Griff @liviade @Tamara @sem @Vitor @Freedumbs00 have we also considered looking at a mean/median/mode in the data and param configurations submitted as a means to collectively sense make on what parameters people would like to see and could agree on?

I attended the Param Party this morning and finally made time to look more deeply at the dashboard and the process… was chatting with Pablo and Baartch about the overwhelm and the difficulty in analyzing and comparing two dozen param submissions.

Could we use the data to identify medians to support in the governance process to identify consensus patterns that are surfacing and use that to help determine the final three that the community is voting on or the configuration?

Also, I think in opening up parameters and having this emphasis on education, it could be great to also offer a bit of an “objective analysis” or few paragraph write up or video to explain the headline/high level what the choice means as a possible way to improve the engagement process. I was also thinking - what “mass communications” have gone out about this?

Is there an email scheduled from TEC and/or Commons Stack urging people to vote - is that in the plans for the stage before the runoff? I am happy to support these efforts where needed, if they are not already in the works, or submit a formal proposal suggesting using the data to ID consensus patterns.


Great points! We have this blogpost wrote by Suga that addresses a lot of it. I think the debates will be a good place for analysis and collective sense making. I like the email for the runoff, because its only one action item, but will also support any other promotion ideas :slight_smile: The Token Engineering Commons Hatch: Your Economy, Your Choice | by Suga | Token Engineering Commons | May, 2021 | Medium

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