One Stop Shop Bonding Curve Course

Recording from our group meeting yesterday: curious rabbit's Zoom Meeting - Zoom

TLDR: we will have an updated version of this proposal out soon (1-2 weeks)

i believe it will do a great job integrating the comments, the needs/desires of the TEC and driving forward the original mission of the proposal.

Warm regards everyone and thank you for the continued interest


Hey Friends, Here is the updated proposal! :partying_face:

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In principle this proposal has merit but I concur with TEC community members expressing skepticism as it is heavy on academic research and light on application that would optimize value creation for TEC.

Applied research approach in my view should be prominent to justify the funds requested, replete with a hard commitment for innovative prototypes designed and developed, bonding curve models integrated into a value creating TEC offering to external parties wishing to deploy bonding curves in their tokenized ecosystems, and code and documentation available in a TEC community GitHub repository.

Hi @DecentralizeSDGs, not sure if you had a chance to see the revised proposal that Rabbit linked above, but here are a couple relevant sections to the value creation topic that you are requesting.

Planned Deliverables & Outcomes:

  1. We will create a series of digestible, shareable social media content on bonding curves, some of the topics including:
  • Different types & structures (Constant Product, First Order, Second Order, Primary, Secondary, ARMMs, Stableswap, Curve)
  • Bonding Curve use cases & benefits, how they solve problems
  • Case Studies (Truebit, Aavegotchi DAO, TEC)
  • The mathematics of different bonding curves
  • Machination Simulations
  • Python & cadCAD simulations of bonding curves, & benefits of simulation
  1. Provide deeper analysis of the TEC Augmented Bonding Curve, including suggestions for updated Dune Analytics dashboards and python integrations
  2. Aim to create a sustainable flywheel for further R&D on Bonding Curves through attracting deal flow and new grant opportunities for this research group and the TEC in general
  3. Structuring future research questions and further lines of inquiry to continue this research & education initiative.

What Success Looks Like:

  • 6 social media content posts, digestible and thought provoking
  • Posts have community traction, bringing in new leads and interest into the TEC
  • Upgraded Dune analytics board for the TEC ABC
  • Improved methodology for analyzing Bonding Curves on-chain data
  • Other unanticipated positive externalities discovered through research

Hi @linuxiscool I had reviewed the proposal and in my view the indicators of success listed need to be further fleshed with more concrete details as to the expected outcomes to justify the funds requested. For example, and to assist in your understanding of my view, the first two success indicators are communications related and subjective as there is no objective measurement of terms such as “digestible” and “thought provoking”. The third indicator to upgrade Dune analytics board for the TEC ABC is quite open ended and does not provide any technical specifications as to what this upgrade will exactly entail. The remaining two success indicators could also be further defined to avoid subjective terms such as “improved” without providing a firm baseline and goal upon which the anticipated “improvement” will be measured.

Trust the foregoing clarifies my perspective and is helpful in bolstering the overall proposal.

Two Comments:

  1. Upon posting to Gardens, our team realized that the gardens proposal description pulls from the forum post, and that forum posts are not editable after a set time period. Thus to avoid confusion, we had to create a new forum post and a new gardens proposal to update the proposal content body.
  1. I want to honour the comments that @DecentralizeSDGs have made above and carry the discussion into the new forum post. I’ll leave some time in case @DecentralizeSDGs wants to copy comments to the new post and reference to here, otherwise, I’ll go ahead an continue the discussion there and reference to the above. Apologies for any inconvenience. I appreciate the time taken to provide feedback.
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