Montaña Rusa: The Communist Roller-Coaster v2

I’m nominating Montaña Rusa: The Communist Roller-Coaster v2 for your consideration. I’d like to start with a meme that summarizes the intention behind this proposal:

The TE Commons:

The ABC:


This proposal was born as a fork of TEC Casino and The Bolshevik’s Gambit. The approach is simple: Let’s give the market what they want! BUT… Let’s empower the TEC with 1M wxDai for funding initial proposals!

A low (not so much!) reserve ratio will let us start with volatile conditions that will promote interactions with the bonding curve, generating income to the common pool with a starting entry tribute of 8% and an exit tribute of 2%.

Once the token freeze period ends after 4 months and secondary markets develop, the tributes should be re-adjusted to an even 5% each.

Module 1: Token Freeze & Token Thaw

Parameter Value
Token Freeze 16 Weeks
Token Thaw 88 Weeks
Opening Price 0.95 wxDAI

Module 2: Augmented Bonding Curve

Parameter Value
Commons Tribute 77.00%
Entry Tribute 8.00%
Exit Tribute 2.00%
*Reserve Ratio 15.61%

Module 3: Tao Voting

Parameter Value
Support Required 88%
Minimum Quorum 8%
Vote Duration 6.5 day(s)
Delegated Voting Period 3.5 day(s)
Quiet Ending Period 1 day(s)
Quiet Ending Extension 2.5 day(s)
Execution Delay 1 day(s)

Module 4: Conviction Voting

Parameter Value
Conviction Growth 14 day(s)
Minimum Conviction 3.0%
Spending Limit 16.0%