Market data and Transparency around Common pool

One of the ideas we had on the unconference with Dan, Griff, Nate, Juan, Mich, Mateo and Theodor it’s to get market data on our bonding curve using Dune Analytics and also provide a transparency report every 6 months on the movements of the funds from our common pool (on a spreadsheet with graphics). And get some statistics on how we are using those funds, how much we are destinating on projects, every WG, etc. I think sharing this information on a visual way will improve our transparency on funds management even if the information its available itself on the blockchain

The goal with this post is to reach a broader quorum and have a deeper discussion on this topic and discuss other tools around. Probably we don’t need to do a vote unless someone asks for it

SME: @ygg_anderson


@fabio would be good to get in here too!

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This is super cool @ZeptimusQ. Good idea, will be awesome to have this transparency for the community. Data is power. Happy to be a SME on this endeavour.

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