Looking for the community's best token design theorist

Hi all,

I’m pulling together a small group of people for work on a carbon sequestration project, and I am looking for a strong theorist to help poke at and improve my token economics design. Do you all at TEC have anyone you’d recommend?

The next phase of our project is a two day symposium in California roughly 12 people. I am looking for someone who could ideally hash out and improve our current strawman proposal and then work well with other non-crypto folks to incorporate all of their real-world feedback on how the economics interact with physical and political reality.

I don’t have a strong feel for TEC’s culture, except that I see there’s a lot of community work done on how you all wish to engage and interact with each-other, so I did want to highlight one thing that might not fit your general culture - the symposium will have some fairly private people at it, so someone willing to be under NDA is important. On the flip side, it’s a pretty amazing list that is coming together, and if the project looks viable will be put out to the public, but in the working phase it would all be confidential.

At any rate, if you have someone you love who is brilliant at the design side and would like to meet with a variety of crypto and real-world OGs to discuss carbon sequestration, I would love to hear from them: I think my email is linked at my username here, but if not: peter@capital6.com.


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