Invitation to the TEC community to join the Luna Swarm research group at 1Hive

Hi everyone, my name is Gabi. I’m part of the 1Hive community and I’m currently involved in the Gardens Swarm. Recently we started a discussion about a new use case for Conviction Voting that we want to implement for every Garden. Here is the ongoing discussion:

We share the idea with @mzargham and @JeffEmmett and decided to organize an initial meeting to have their perspective and coordinate the next steps. Here is the recording of the meeting:

In the meeting, we decided to create a new research group on Luna Swarm (a working group focused on modeling 1Hive using cadCAD) to work on a model of the effects of fluid proposals on the current Gardens system. With the objective to create feedback loops while we work on the implementation in parallel.

The above is what brings me here, I would like to invite everyone interested on join the effort. We plan to create a proposal on 1Hive to get funding to compensate researchers.

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Open question

What the community actually did if instead of leaving their tokens in an abstain proposal they were distributed across many fluid proposals to determine flow rates.


In conversations with GitcoinDAO so far, it seems their biggest interest in a Conviction-type mechanism is Osmotic Funding/Fluid Proposals. :ok_hand:

As a large DAO with a number of large workstreams essentially acting as subDAOs, Gitcoin is having trouble with the binary nature of proposal funding. At the moment, even if there is 85% agreement about a proposal, there are 0% funds flowing to that proposal until amended (often repeatedly) to satisfy all stakeholders, at which point 100% of funds are released. This is a time consuming and disruptive process to ongoing operations, and could be mitigated through a tool like Fluid Proposals that allowed some % of funds to be released as soon as there was a sufficient % of stakeholder conviction in support.

Just commenting with this information to loop in Gitcoin as another stakeholder group with interest in communicating/funding/developing/deploying these tools that build on the mechanism of Conviction Voting. :+1:


Hi again everyone!

Wanted to give a quick update. We schedule a recurring meeting every other Friday at 19:00 UTC. The meeting was included on 1Hive’s calendar under the Luna Swarm :first_quarter_moon_with_face: event:

Join us on the #cafe channel of 1Hive’s Discord server! :raised_hands:


woww this is so awesome! I have been reading alot about drips, osmotic funding and the problems all these initiatives can solve. I’m definitely interested to subscribe to the discussion.