Increasing the minimum quorum on Tao Voting

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In making the new dashboard, I noticed we now have a more concentrated distribution of TEC tokens than at the hatch, and that the largest holder has almost enough tokens to pass any proposal on their own.

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I don’t think there is any concern on alignment of the largest holders, but I would still suggest raising the minimum quorum parameter at this stage to 15% or 20% so that decisions get wider discussion.

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@rex If this becomes a proposal, I will support it…

I’d like to also suggest that this might be a chance to actually automate this, as a mechanism. The minimum % Quorum can be adjusted algorithmically at regular intervals to ensure a particular Nakamoto Coefficient is met.

Hey Rex!

Thanks for bringing this up—it’s an important point!

I believe that one of the greatest challenges the TEC has faced over the past few years is fostering engagement and meaningful discussion around most of the DAO’s decisions (as evident from the lack of engagement in various forum posts). While this is really important to solve, the capacity of those involved hasn’t been sufficient to address this challenge yet. However, I agree that moving forward, this should be a priority for the Commons, but until we see a shift in this trend, I think it’s important to maintain the ability to act quickly to ensure continued progress.

It’s also important to note that the Guardians mechanism is in place to protect the DAO from misaligned proposals that could compromise the TEC. This safeguard provides an additional layer of security as we work on enhancing engagement and participation within the community.

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