๐Ÿ’ฐ How to get Hatch Tokens

Token Engineering Commons TEC Tokens

There are two primary ways to get TEC Hatch Tokens:

  • Send in wxDai the upcoming TEC Hatch
  • Contribute work to the core mission of the TEC

Work Recognition via the Praise System:

Community stewards and contributors have developed the foundations of the open source project based on a rewards system developed by the Commons Stack known as Praise. Through Telegram and Discord bots and bridges, community members dish Praise to each other to recognize work. The Praise is evaluated according to a Tier system developed by members.

How to Earn Praise

  • Participation and engagement in weekly calls
  • Supporting the working groups with communications and deliverables
  • Filling out surveys
  • Submission, editing and feedback on work and proposals
  • Sharing research and community news on social media
  • General Token Engineering work
  • Creating videos and art
  • Great memes and jokesโ€ฆ

The Praise is collected in this sheet and the Praise Quantifiers hold an open bi-weekly meeting to convert Praise to Impact Hours.

Impact Hours will be converted into TEC Hatch tokens at launch. As voted on by the community, the intention is that each hour will be equal to contributing $10-$200 of wxDai the Hatch :hatching_chick:.

Read more about Impact Hours here

Trusted Seed and CSTK Score

The CSTK Score is a non-transferable reputation score that represents the โ€œskin in the gameโ€ in the Commons Stack mission. It can only be held on-chain by activated members of the Trusted Seed and can be increased by paying membership dues or by earning Praise.**

  • Only activated members of the Trusted Seed hold an on-chain CSTK Score.
  • Members of the Trusted Seed will likely be welcomed to participate in many Commons Hatches.
  • The Trusted Seed is underpinned by a Swiss Association that is designed to protect members from issues that may arise by participating in DAOs, including of course the TE Commons
  • The TECโ€™s Legal Working Group recommended that ONLY members of the Trusted Seed will be able to participate in the Hatch.
  • The Trusted Seed is a highly curated list. Once youโ€™ve applied and been accepted, you can activate your membership using the Swiss Membership DApp.

Read more about the Trusted Seed here

Apply to join the Trusted Seed here

Activate your Membership here

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