How to get access to TEC platforms (access management)

DM the Credential Curators or fill out this Typeform with questions like asking for handle, which platform the contributor needs access to and the task that needs to be done on that platform (to decide what kind of access we be given). The Credentials Curator will conduct a poll among the Stewards, sharing the information provided in the Typeform.

Here are the next possible scenarios:

If we get a 100% “yes” vote in the next 24 hours, the person gets access.

If we get less than 100% “yes” vote but more than 80% in the next 24 hours, the credentials curator will give another 12 hours for the “no” voters to speak up and provide their reason publicly or privately for voting “no”:

  • If nobody speaks up, we give access after 12 hours.
  • If someone provides the reason, the credentials curator will run the same poll in another 24 hours, but this time sharing the reason behind the “no” vote.
    (Note: We will not mention the steward who privately provides the reason for voting “no” if he/she wants to remain anonymous.)
  • In the 2nd poll, at least 80% is required to get access.

If we get less than 80%, the person doesn’t get access at the moment.

To make it easier for the Stewards to decide on their vote, the Credential Curator will provide the following details in the poll:

  • Person requesting access:
  • Recommended by:
  • Platform:
  • Reason for requesting access:

Praise @iviangita for working together on this post.