💰 How to Earn Tokens

Token Engineering Commons TEC Tokens

There are two primary ways to accrue TEC Tokens:

  • Participate in the TEC Hatch early in Q1 2021
  • Contribute work to the core mission of the TEC

Work Recognition via the Praise System:

Community stewards and contributors have developed the foundations of the open source project based on a rewards system developed by the Commons Stack known as Praise. Through Telegram and Discord bots and bridges, community members dish Praise to each other to recognize work. The Praise is evaluated according to a Tier system developed by members.

How to Earn Praise

  • Participation and engagement in weekly calls
  • Supporting the working groups with communications and deliverables
  • Filling out surveys
  • Submission, editing and feedback on work and proposals
  • Sharing research and community news on social media
  • General Token Engineering work
  • Creating videos and art
  • Great memes and jokes…

The Praise is collected in this sheet and the Praise Quantifiers hold an open bi-weekly meeting to convert Praise to Impact Hours based on the tiered system.

Impact Hours will be converted into TEC tokens at launch. As voted on by the community, the intention is that each hour will be worth somewhere between $20-$200 of contributions covested into the Hatch :hatching_chick:.

Read more about How to Earn Tokens TL;DR

Commons Stack CSTK Tokens

TEC members are also eligible to join the Trusted Seed of the Commons Stack and receive CSTK tokens.

The CSTK token is a non-transferable “trust token” similar to a reputation token but not exactly the same. Issued by the Commons Stack, it represents the “skin in the game” that trusted contributors have put towards accomplishing the Commons Stack mission. The basics:

  • CSTK holders are members of our Trusted Seed, and actual holdings can be thought of as reputation within the organization.
  • CSTK holders able to participate in future Commons hatches.
  • CSTK holders able to participate in Commons Stack governance decisions such as voting to select which communities will participate in Field Test Commons programs.
  • The Trusted Seed is a highly curated list. Once you’ve applied and been accepted, you can begin accruing CSTK tokens for your contributions to the Commons Stack and other select open source projects.

Note: Upon Trusted Seed acceptance, you do not automatically receive CSTK tokens. To accumulate CSTK and formally become a member, applicants have to contribute to the Commons Stack by putting “skin in the game”. 2 primary ways to earn CSTK tokens:

  • Making a donation of DAI to the Association: members who contribute financially receive a number of tokens that varies depending on the size and timing of their donation.
  • Putting in work: when people do work that helps us advance towards our concrete goals, we recognize these contributions by dishing Praise in our Telegram channel and sending them CSTK tokens according to the Commons Stack Praise process.

Read more about the Trusted Seed here

Apply to join the Trusted Seed and Earn CETK tokens now

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