How to Collaborate with You on an Open Source DAO for Climate


My first post here, I’m not sure which group it should belong to, so let me know what you think of this:

I’m part of the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger open source blockchain project. We’ve been building a set of open source tools for climate action that consists of a data ledger, a tokens network, and a DAO.

We’ve made a lot of progress with the DAO, customizing the Compound Defi DAO to meet our needs. You can take a look at what we’ve done so far in this tutorial

We’d be really interested in working with your group on governance of the DAO, as well as collaborating on the coding and technical aspects.

How do you think we could do that?

Hi Sichen and welcome!

I have briefly skimmed the links and it is very compelling work. Thanks for sharing them. This forum a good place to get more feedback from the community but I would also like to invite you to join our Discord channel.

As well, there is a weekly meeting for our Soft Gov & Culture working group that meets every Tuesday at 7pm CET. Perhaps you can join the next one as you express particular interest in governance.

Here is a link to our calendar. All meetings are open and you are welcome to join any that are of interest to you.

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Thanks! I’ve put together a wiki page on the governance and some applications for it. Would like to get your and the group’s feedback on them.

I’m starting to read a book on Elinor Ostrom too.