How do I participate in the Hatch? TL;DR

The TEC Hatch is underway and will end on August 14, but to make sure you have enough time to participate, start taking these steps now!

Here are four steps to participate in the TEC Hatch:

  1. Get a MetaMask wallet: you need a Web3 wallet in order to participate on the Hatch. The one needed to participate is Metamask. If you need a tutorial on how to set it up, you can check this link.

  2. Trusted Seed and Membership: We want to welcome everyone who has aligned values with the TEC. The Trusted Seed is a curated list of members deployed by the Commons Stack and that the community decided to use as a starting point and base for our membership strategy. In order to participate in the Hatch you need to apply to the Trusted Seed and activate your membership. It can take up to one week to complete this process, but applications are being expedited for the hatch. Apply ASAP to ensure your participation in the TEC Hatch.

  3. Acquire DAI, convert it to wxDAI: We are using wxDAI as the token to send funds to the HATCH, in order to acquire wxDAI, the first part is to get DAI form any exchange. The following steps are meant to convert this DAI to wxDAI, we have created a tutorial to do it here.

  4. Send funds to the hatch: The final step is sending wxDAI to the hatch and minting TECH tokens. Go to to take the final step.

We have created a longer version of this post on the following Guidebook were you will find in detailed instructions and technical as well as cultural information about the Hatch.

To learn more about the TEC’s mission, and the purpose of the Hatch, read Wielding Promethean Fire β€” The Importance of Token Engineering Public Goods.

If you still have questions, reply to this post or reach out on the TEC Discord.

Thank you to @ZeptimusQ @divine_comedian @natesuits @chuygarcia92 @liviade @KrisJ @JessicaZartler for input and feedback on this post.


This is my template to send to people:

If you want to get in:

  1. Apply here: Apply

  2. After we approve your application, Activate here:

  3. Then get some wxDai and send it here: