Have a github-activity channel on discord

I was looking at aragon’s discord and i like this channel they have where they see all pull requests, it’s really easy to do, but you have to have permissions on github i think.

and here’s a pic of how it looks

Love it!

We should check on a couple things…

#1 We will eventually move to our own discord

#2 How easy is it to add new repos to the party

#3 We might want to have 2 channels, one for all the github activity, and another for Project Management, as we are using this repo to organize work in general: https://github.com/TECommons/Coordination

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Seems like there is no way to add a whole github account, so it is manual, repo by repo, adding a webhook to each repo with an endpoint to the discord channel

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#1 Moving to our own discord

Separating from the general token engineering community? Personally I’m hesitant on that, I love the comprehensive community that is TE, I think it’s so cool that the commons and the academy are in one place. Is there a forum post or other resource dedicated to this discussion?

Yeah I didn’t understand that, I was thinking since discord is open source maybe @Griff wanted to program “our own discord” ^^

I don’t think Discord is open source.

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yeah, they love open-source but they are not open source, my bad