Hatch Return - Deep Dive

What happens when the hatch is returned? This is when the raise has failed? Do impact hour people get nothing? Does some of it go to the Non-Redeemable Pool? Probably not.

In the case of our first test hatch:

The Test Hatch was set with a goal of reaching 300 tDAI within 7 days, and 1 tDAI bought 10,000 TESTTEC. We did not end up sending 300 tDAI to the hatch so we ended up testing the return functionality. The Test Hatch is still in the Return state and everyone is allowed to turn their TESTTEC back into tDAI, with a refund rate of 10,000 TESTTEC for 1 tDAI.

Under what circumstances should the hatch not complete?

  • Minimum Goal amount is not reached

What should happen in the case that the hatch is not completed?

  • Impact hour compensation?
  • Non-Redeemable Pool?
  • Complete DAI return to hatchers?

The current default option is the third, simply refund all DAI to hatchers.

i would make the minimum to keep going with the project very low, so it becomes almost impossible to not reach the minimum

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i was just saying… , u’d have to ask that to the big boys :smile: