Hatch Outreach Audit

Hello There!

This is the Hatch Outreach working group audit. Feel free to comment and provide feedback, we would love to learn and improved our working group!

Thanks Zeptimus for your timing and effort on making this possible.


Just a feedback for the financial part. The hatch outreach will probably be dissolved post hatch yeah? So the financial part post hatch should hold no scores IMO, and maybe worth a line mentioning why.

@ZeptimusQ @iviangita do you think there is a way to separate the future score from the transparency check from now? So wg’s that will be ending don’t suffer with to 0’s in the last section? :slight_smile:


I think that’s a great idea, Livi WGs who are going to be dissolved after just remove that score and dont apply it on the formula so they are not affected in terms of %. And it’s interesting that is happening. now. Lets say some part of the community is not happy with what Edu says on the audit.

My suggestion would be Edu can just change the Audit integrating your feedback or he (the WG) could say they like how it is and make a vote with the community. I feel used Celeste for signaling would be too much. But I love we have some discussion regarding that topic looks super exiting how we are going to monitor ourselves!!

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First time I’m looking at the audit. Really nicely done!


This is interesting, we were having this conversation with @Tamara, because maybe we would change the name and the work of the working group would be just Outreach, shall we keep that mind?

i like the romantic idea of having the group evolving according the needs, rather than dissappearing and create a new one haha


we talked briefly about it yesterday in the Hatch Outreach call, about the possibility of a Proposal working group being separate from Hatch Outreach. I think it will be a big thing post hatch. And It seems like a big topic to share attention with the very focused outreach for hatchers now. I’m happy to discuss more and bounce off ideas :slight_smile:


That would be lovely Livi! Shall we aim for a 30 minutes hack session?