Hall of Fame - centre of teCity

  1. Bankless DAO has an artist who has produced DAOtown :point_down:
    I propose to commission similar for TEC something that extends from the railroad on the RHS to teCity (working name) which symbolically represents a transition from Wild-Wild-(f)East towards more planned settlements of token-engineering

  2. Within this map, we cluster important TEC activities like

  • cadCad, machinations, tokenSpice - these are industrial workshops for the railway
  • teAcademy - the rabbithole of possible courses
  • profiles of noted aluminae (as aspirational outcomes)
  • middle of teCity will be a public square symbolising the commons (conceptual map of empty ground :point_down:)
  1. In the middle of the Square will be displayed the recent admissions to the TE Hall of Fame, as proposed by SampoWG

Desired outcome

  • a visual map to navigate around TEC (jump to forums/WGs)
  • profile admissions to the Hall of Fame
  • a publicity poster for noted TEacademy aluminae

I’m willing to chuck some of my Bankless tokens towards commissioning the artwork. Looking for community feedback on the concept and if interested, a design/layout session. If get enough buyin will form a sub-project squad to cost out the art.

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We need to make a map ourselves and this would actually be a very cool way to present it, love it! I’m just wondering if you know how much would something like that cost?

A piece of bare earth can’t be too crazy, the Perchy (artist) has so far produced 5 of them.


so we want some pavement to put ??? statues ??? to Hall of Famers plus lotsa rabbit holes for TEAcademy. The rest we can commission building blocks that move around as private monuments (just pass the hat around). Or cut/paste existing noted TEC graduates … can you identify any?