Habitat - Your Home on Layer 2

Habitat - Your Home on Layer 2

Community owned, all-in-one organisation platform on a rollup.

A habitat is an environment for animals, plants and humans to co-exist. It is a place to live, grow and flourish together.

As Solarpunks we believe in a bright future - using technological advancement for basic human needs.

Decentralized infrastructure enables self-management tools for the people. It allows to experiment and build new types of community engagement and fair participation. A field that is tested and researched especially at TEC.

Habitat is the playground and environment to easily create new communities or to simply advance existing ones with new impactful features.


Habitat is build on NutBerry - a permissionless optimistic rollup framework. It is fully EVM compatible and ready to migrate existing smart contracts from the Ethereum mainnet. The infrastructure or simply put “the soil” of Habitat is only noticeable at the base layer. Communities design their own structure and look. Every community on Habitat is an independent domain but still interconnected by sharing one layer where all transactions/votes are accumulated.

It’s like a garden full of plants, trees and flowers of different sizes and shapes which seem to be indipendent but are interconnected through roots and the soil around them. Everyone benefits from each other but are still autonomous in their path of growth.


  • :fuelpump: cheap gas costs: sharing infrastructure saves up to 96% of current spendings
  • better UX: no custom RPC endpoint needed (see xDAI)
  • easy onramp on layer2/Habitat from existing governance tokens
  • instant votes/transactions
  • support for proposals with on-chain execution and verification


Habitat’s infrastructure is governed and owned by the communities. Users and stakeholders have a say in the further development and growth of the project. Habitat is currently prototyping a signaling tool called “priority tree” to identify the most urgent topics and features. It would work perfectly with the “Tokenlog” proposal from @wslyvh !

Via priority signaling users can stake on their most desired topics. This identifies needed features, parameters or actions. For this reason Habitat wants to launch their own token allowing people to govern the infrastructure and improve it to their liking. Since Habitat is an open-source project, all realised features are accessible by everyone - meaning, when the Habitat grows, everyone benefits.

Habitat is growing in the direction of external signals and resources of the community.

First task for future stakeholders is to propose and vote on features to be implemented in favor of the community. Once bootstrapped and running, the main task is administering the infrastructure and setting parameters of the protocol.

We believe in gradual decentralization, and aim to turn the protocol into a DAO over time, powered by the native token HABITAT.

Proposal Details

Habitat landing page: 0xhabitat.eth (Old website - rebranding in progress)

Value for TEC:

  • easily hatching new DAOs on Habitat (e.g. MISO on layer2 Sushiswap Hatching)
  • sharing gas costs of Ethereum via layer 2
  • adding + improving new features via token vote
  • open-source library of feature sets (e.g. discussion forum, fund management)
  • experimenting with new DAO structures + token economics


The first version of Habitat sets the start for a community owned and funded development. We see good progress on the infrastructure side and want to continue with external funds and expertise from the TEC community.

How does this help Token Engineers and benefit the Token Engineering community?

  • cost efficiency, speed of tx for internal operations
  • prepare CSTK and TEC for dawn of rollups
    • ultra scalable rollups

Team Information

We are LeapDAO members - current main theme of our organisation is scaling the base layer of blockchains like Ethereum and most recently: Nervos Network. It started 2018 with applications on Plasma, in 2019 we founded the internal project “deora”. A self-funded crew with the purpose of using scaling and coordination expertise for better governance solutions within the Ethereum ecosystem.


Skills and previous experience

Funding Information

Amount of tokens requested:

  • 40.000 DAI - Roadmap + Scope of work hours to be provided

See calculations for more detail.

Ethereum address where funds shall be transferred:

  • Option A: designated multi-sig wallet (Gnosis Safe)
  • Option B: funds can be transferred to a Droplet contract

TEC as Liquidity Provider for the Habitat Token Launch

The Habitat Token will be an ERC20 asset allowing token-holders to propose and vote on all network upgrades.

We are looking for key liquidity providers ready to bootstrap Habitat’s launch - early LPs benefiting from token swaps and fees. TEC as a liquidity provider would support Habitat longer term. (Liquidity ask: TBD)

Special thanks to @JessicaZartler and @knobsDAO for the support of this proposal :national_park:

Looking forward to questions and reactions :bowing_man:‍♂


Thanks for letting us share our project! For the more visual people among you: Our presentation :camping:

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