Gitcoin Donations - What should we do with them?

DYK The TEC is on Gitcoin Grants?

DYK The TEC has over $13k sitting in a key Griff controls!?

What should we do with it?

Here are the options I see:

Option 1: Convert it all to WXDAI and it to Lasertag to use it to LP later.

Option 2: Convert the DAI and small amounts to WXDAI and leave the PAN and ETH as is and send it to Lasertag to use it to LP later.

Option 3: Convert it to WXDAI and send it to a Common Pool.

Option 4: Convert it to WXDAI then to TEC and send it to the Reward Board.

Option 5: Let it rot.

Option 6: Griff sells it and runs to Mexico and throws an EPIC party with Chuy during the TheDAOists conference in early March (my top pick)

Any other ideas?

I would love to do ranked choice voting via snapshot to decide this, that way I can legitimately vote for Option 6… and Tweet it!


what about bring people to bcn for eth barcelona :relaxed: many options seem nice enough

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Option 7: Embezzle and party in BCN!

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@Griff can you edit option 6 to be up to date with the snapshot description please? :pray:
I love the idea of bringing a crew to ETH Barcelona to hack together IRL :zap:
Can we have more details of how this could look like?