Firstpost in cafe

Hey everybody! Shawn here, getting the cafe chats started. What do you guys think, will token engineering commons be the epicenter of philosophy that governs the new world?


haha Whoop whoop Shawn! Thank you for posting! :pray: I love that the cafe is the first place where convo is happenin’… I was just thinking of adding a music topic for people to share playlists :smile:

As far as TEC being the epicenter, not sure about that, but definitely a gateway & portal to many wormholes and possibilities to explore new paradigms and patterns, as well as more ecological and ethical thinking surrounding economic system design and application. Also, a place for libraries for these patterns and simulations, education - a nexus definitely :grinning:

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@ygg_anderson Let’s see where this takes us, but I’m sure there is plenty of philosophy around the token engineering wizardry!

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If what Hilde Latour is speculating is true, than it seems the commons stack could be some of the most important technology stack that is being investigated, as it would enable influence over the emergence of systems of common abundance and universal income:

Cross post from Jeff in Telegram, but wow, this video is impactful.