Email - Only useful for Web 2 connection, otherwise a taxing, bottleneck overhead?

Hey TECers!

I want to talk about Web 3 design, in particular e-mail.

Given an email typically goes to one person, or needs a bot to put an email into a communal space, and given an email can be very long, TLDR, do TEC want to open the door to email dialogue, or do we want to encourage group visible interaction, which I feel is much more Web 3.

The issue with one person ownership of an email is how much work it causes that one person, so there is a reluctance from any one person to take on the role of responding to email. As we know, mountainous email stacks can be very stress inducing, and we don’t really want to introduce more stress into this world, Web 3 is meant to be offering better ways forward for working.

And if email is going to be downgraded in our thinking, then we also need to downgrade email based tools such as HubSpot, good though it is.

Most DAOs communicate externally via Twitter, so would this not be first port of call?

I welcome thoughtful discussion on this.


I agree with the sentiment of this comment. I believe this is captured within the efforts of the external Comms team as well. @Mount_Manu or @chuygarcia92 could possibly comment on this further.

My feelings are that you are correct, however it is probably good to engage each individual in their preferred manner. Some individuals live and die by their email out of tradition/habit/convenience. I think the overall goal is for US to meet YOU in the places you are (and hopefully in the most efficient way possible.)

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