Dune TEC Dashboard 2024

Good morning all,

I have now updated the Dune TEC Dashboard to include information on our tokens, reserves and balances post-migration. You can find the new dashboard under the same link: https://dune.com/tec/tec.

It contains 5 sub-dashboards - including:

  • $TEC Market Information. This includes general price information, such as supply, distribution, and TEC-XDAI price information.
  • TEC Reserve And Common Pools. This includes information on the health of the common pool and reserve pool, including balances over time in native token and USD.
  • TEC Core Group. This includes information on the transactions and balances of the TEC Core Group Multisig on optimism.
  • TEC Token Trades. This includes data on trades via Honeyswap and our Augmented Bonding Curve usage.
  • TEC ABC Tributes. This includes data on the revenue created by our Augmented Bonding Curve taxation system.

The old dashboard with pre-migration data has now been moved to https://dune.com/tec/tec-gno

Let me know if you find any bugs! :sunflower: