Disputable Conviction Voting and Celeste Demo

Fellow commoners of the TECommons, we have a new mission in our hands. Our friends need our help,.

After some months of work, the 1hive community is preparing one of the biggest launch and update they have had until now. Celeste, the subjective oracle, is ready for prime time, it’s going to be paired with a community covenant that will apply to all the DAO votes (conviction voting and yes/no votings).

They are conducting a two week demo to find and fix the bugs that there may still be in the front-end. The launch consists in two apps, the Celeste dashboard, and the Disputable Honeypot, both of them in the rinkeby network for now.

We plan to use celeste in order to complete our Commons Upgrade, migrating the funds of the Hatch to a DAO governed by a Community Covenant, a diverse group of tokenholders that can come in and out of the community using the Augmented Bonding Curve, and where the funds are distributed using a modified version of Conviction Voting that can be disputed if anyone feel that a proposal is not following the principles of the DAO.

From this demo we can learn multiple things that will be the great use for the future of TEC:

  • What is Celeste and how it can be used to moderate DAOs in a decentralized way
  • What is a Community Covenant agreement, and what is it used for in the context of Celeste and DAOs
  • Which is the process to become a Celeste keeper, and earn rewards for the job of moderating content according to the different covenants.

All the TEC members have received an airdrop of 1 rinkeby HNY in order to perform this test. :honey_pot::honey_pot::honey_pot:

Use it wisely, and let’s have fun together!


It’s really awesome! Check out the Disputable voting:

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Holy crap! What is this?