Dandelion Voting App and its capabilities (mostly extreme use cases)

I would like to have time to investigate on my own and prepare a long forum post, but since the launch is closer every day that passes, and this seems a very important topic. I would like to open this forum post for everyone to post maybe what “they fear” the most and if @Griff has the time to post a few examples of what has happened in the past in other dao’s (or anyone, I’m just saying Griff because he seems to have the most experience of us all).
I know it’s not nice to talk about “worst case scenarios” but at the same time it’s worse to not talk about them, so I’m looking forward to hear or read what you guys think

That’s a quite interesting topic, usually labelled as the DAO 51% attack.

Imagine somebody casts a vote that propose to transfer all the funds of the DAO into a new DAO, and whoever votes yes, they receive tokens of the new DAO proportional to the tokens they have in the old DAO. It never happened before, but people would have a strong incentive to vote yes since all the funds of people who vote no are going to be splitted among them.

Luis Cuende has been talking about it during a long time now. Here you have one of his talks:

I think it’s not going to be a problem with TEC because the way we are building the DAO. People in the trusted seed / impact hours are going to have most of the tokens at the beginning, as they are the only who can buy / earn tokens in the hatch. That’s what we think can prevent pump and dumps of the token, and also this kind of attacks.

It worth saying that 1Hive has exported Aragon Court (now Aragon Protocol) to xDAI as Celeste, and we could migrate to a DAO that uses it in the future.

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Is that the only possible use case? or extreme case? At the time of posting one of my main concerns was in regards to the ability of minting TEC tokens

normally I hate any central control, emotionally biased unfortunately :wink: , but I do like and promote aragon’s courts for communities. At least from what I’ve seen so far.

Is it truley possible to use brightID (celeste) whilst staying anonymous? Through out the full pipeline, even at the brightID initial signup stage :thinking: ?

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Minting TEC tokens would be an equivalent attack: somebody casts a vote that mints TEC tokens to who votes yes in case the vote passes. We are talking about the same, a voting 51% attack.

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Is it truley possible to use brightID (celeste) whilst staying anonymous? Through out the full pipeline, even at the brightID initial signup stage :thinking: ?

I think it’s an interesting question. I’m almost sure they don’t store names or profile photos, and they are only shared with who you are doing connections. On the other hand I dont’ know how much info the blockchain or the brightID graph reveals of you or your social network.

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The most common painful scenario is voter apathy, and having too high of a quorum requirement… you can look at Tornado Cash right now…

They needed about 20k TORN to vote to lower the Quorum… but could only get 1/2 of that… We will see if they get there.

Most of the worst case scenarios I can think of we are mitigating, as I am a loud voice making sure they get mitigated… i’m more curious about the worst case scenarios I don’t see…