Conviction Voting Parameters General Disccusion

The second component that we have demo’d is Conviction Voting (CV). While we break down the Commons into technical and cultural components, and then further break down the components into parameters to better understand the details and choices, the Commons must be designed holistically as all components must work together to create a healthy economy to coordinate value production within the Token Engineering Public Goods space.

The Facts

We had a few CV implementations. The first CV deployment happened in October and was funded with 300 xDAI, but this is NOT the deployment discussed in this forum post, we will discuss the second deployment made on Thursday Nov 12th which is currently up at:

This Test CV deployment was set with the following Parameters:

Half Life = 12 hours
Max Ratio = 40%
Min Threshold = 0.5%
Min Effective Supply = 0.25%

Smaller Discussion Posts

Alpha/Half Life

Beta/Max Ratio

Min Threshold

Min Effective Supply
WIP, will link soon

What are we using this thread for?

This thread is a great place to collect the most important points from the various more detailed threads and eventually we will debate how to merge all the smaller parameter decisions into one coherent CV design, that fits with the overall Commons Design for the next Test Deployment.

This thread is also a great place to ask general questions about Conviction Voting

Extra tools & Links

Conviction Math simulated:

Conviction Voting Blog Posts: