Compromised wallets with vested TEC tokens - How to proceed?

Lately we received some inquiries about changing compromised wallet addresses that hold vested TEC tokens.

If this is your case, this is how you can proceed:

1. Write a post in the Advice Process section about your situation. This action will need to be submitted to Tao Voting which has a high quorum, so it’s important the community understands your issue and want to support you. Having people that can vouch for you is a plus, you can tag them in the forum.
2. Promote this post. There might be others in a similar situation and you could submit a proposal together.
3. Incorporate feedback to your advice process post and go to the proposal section of the forum. Click in “open draft” and you will see a proposal template. Integrate your post in the template as much as possible. The most important information in this case is your old and compromised wallet address and the new wallet address you want to change to.
4. Go to the TEC Garden and click in “create proposal”
5. Gardens proposals require a deposit of 200 liquid TEC (non vested). You can buy TEC directly from the Augmented Bonding Curve or on Honey swap Honeyswap Interface
6. Finally, paste the forum post in the proposal, choose the “decision filter” and write in one line what is the action you are trying to pass. Something like - " I request to change my vested TEC holdings from x wallet to y wallet".
7. Share your proposal, ask for support and good luck :slight_smile: