🏡 Communitas Working Group

The intention of the Communitas Working Group is to nurture, grow and guide the TEC community. The points of focus are new member orientation, current member community building, and organisational design: namely, guiding folks into the TEC and helping folks navigate the TEC from the inside.

Everyone is welcoming to participate, right now we have different moments during the week, where you can jump in and participate:

  • Weekly Sync: Monday’s 8PM CET - 2PM EST
    During this call, we will catch up on the working group agenda, do a brief checkin on everyone, receive feedback and welcome any contribution that helps the growth of this WG. Our agenda can be check here.

  • Orientation call: Wednesday 6 PM CET / 12 PM EST
    During this call, we will provide orientation and support to new members, contributors and anyone who joins to the conversation. You can pass by to just listen or to ask any question that you may have. Our resource document for this call can be find here.

  • TEC Lounge call: Friday 5 PM CET - 11 AM EST
    During this call, we will just hangout, meet each other and talk about the weather and every other topic not related to work. This is a call with no agenda and everyone is welcome to join at any time, even if it’s 5 minutes before it ends!

Mostly of the activity of this WG happens on discord, you can find us here, under the label “Communitas” Text and Voice Channel.

We also have a Manifesto. (Last update: 3th of october 2021)

If you are looking for our current pieces of work, you can find us on Zenhub, under the tag: Communitas WG, Orientation and Hatcher Relations.

We are currently looking for contributors, you can join our WG Weekly Sync or reach any of the stewards for more information on how to contribute.

POC: Eduardo: @VegayP + Tamara: @Tam2140


Speaking of the TEC Lounge . . .

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I dig the energy bursting out of the Communitas Working Group!


We actually can share our working group growth here, thanks for the sharing Aloysious <3

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