☎️ Comms Working Group

The Comms working group creates the narratives we present to the world, sets up our communication platforms and promotes public good focused TE projects.

TEC Comms Platforms

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Comms WG - New Manifesto

Dear TEC Community, I’m happy to present you our updated manifesto as well as our last roadmap.



I want to take the opportunity to thank everyone that has supported the Comms WG the past few months, I hope we can serve your needs better for these upcoming exciting times for the TEC.


HI Comms!
I will be at your next working group meetings. I am interested in helping with the workinggroup. Thanks!

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I tried to open the Roadmap but it seems like MIRO access is private. Could you please grant me access so I can check out the map? Thanks folks!

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hey @blazingthirdeye sorry about that, maybe this link works better :slight_smile:

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I found your request for approval & approved! Should work for you now!


I am very impressed with the C&D flow/map. That is so much more organized than I am used to. It should filter out low quality content that doesn’t work towards the stated goals/targets. Wow. I want to implement a flow like this at 1hive someday.

I have been engaging TEC twitter a bit. Next steps to read the medium blogs.


I think you should post a tweet today (Sunday June 27th). Just a simple logo with a statement like:

“It may be the weekend but the Token Engineering Commons folks are working hard behind the scenes. The hatch is coming fast. Probably less than 2 weeks to go…”


Hey @blazingthirdeye thanks for sharing this idea! I’ll DM you on Discord to get you onboard to our Twitter planning spreadsheet!

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Please share it with me also if you can, I would like to look around and maybe help out:)

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