Call for Open Engineering sessions from the field

Hey TEs :sparkles:,

If you are

  • leading engineering in a live token project
  • a TE working on a live token project and are encouraged to share

I invite you to host Open Engineering sessions with the TE community.

How will it work?
Let’s figure it out together. No matter at which stage, I believe these sessions will be super useful for practitioners, as well as learners.

Most importantly we will highlight the living TE process :

  • experiment-driven design & development
  • practical challenges and
  • how those are overcome or better avoided

I’m doing a first pass with

  • I will share dates and TE relevant topic in the comments - and add the recording afterwards.

If you can do the same, we will definitely increase the availability of practical resources.

TEC or TEA or any other party affiliated with TE Community & Commons would be more than welcome to reshare the videos or insights from the sessions with attribution.

But first let’s start with a small experiment - and figure out how we can add to TE knowledge commons without adding more effort on us, but just opening and connecting our engineering sessions.

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22nd March 2023 5pm CET zoom link:
Topic: YC Procotol MVP, Smart Contracts and Audit