Best Practices for Decentralized Communities!

Based on the cultural practices we’ve been developing plus your personal experiences, what’s the best advice you would give to someone starting a decentralized community?

We kicked off the last Soft Gov call with this question, and here are some of the answers we got from @Tamara, @santigs, @Juankbell, @natesuits, @durgadas, @Griff, @ZeptimusQ, @sem, @mateodaza, @metaverde :zap:

  • Find out what is that you are uniquely driven towards!
  • Similar to starting a company or any initiative with partners, it’s important to have people you work well with and have a shared vision.

  • Make sure everyone shares a similar language (way of communicating).

  • Build trust!

  • Intentionally pick which platforms are gonna host the community based on their features.

  • Have clear paths to participation
  • Promote thought diversity

  • Build a foundation of beliefs and values that you all can operate around and grow incrementally over time.

  • Have a few stewards to initiate the process with time and dedication to create a welcoming environment and an initial set of values.
  • Transparency all the way!

  • Impact Hours helps everyone to see who’s contributing despite personal or work differences.

  • Clear alignment between the values and the goals of the organization. Everyone should feel united within the same goals

  • Everyone is equal and looks after each other, if they are doing good or bad.

  • Reading governing the commons is a really good practice. The 8 principles make you realize the importance of things that are hard to put in an equation.

  • “Simply following profit maximization in a CPR will be the exact strategy to destroy it”

  • Look for long term strategy rather than short term profit.

  • Look into Emma Goldman. If you want to be a part of a collective, you should ask yourself why you are here.

  • Work with each other instead of denying each other.

  • The humanness of the Commons feels special from here because in some way we are more connected with each other, like a group of friends.

  • Have objectives and social agreements.

  • Nourish a learning environment, we are here learning together and building something that has meaning!

  • Understand roles and the social dynamics of the group to not fall into the Tyranny of Structurelessness

  • Build a culture of gratitude, this is fckn awesome!

  • Have nested ecosystems and give people the agency to lead working groups and initiatives.

  • Starting off small and closed. There is the desire of radical inclusivity, but when you actually start a decentralized economy, it’s important to curate the people who are value aligned. Maybe everyone can get in at some point, but not as whales to start.

  • Make it warm! Encourage, be grateful and incentivize even small tasks, they will give other the courage to take bigger steps.

  • Establish a clear narrative and the parameters of what you are doing.

  • Keep everything open source!

  • Have meetings where everyone can see and jump in like on Discord.

  • Radical transparency is part of the universe. You have to include the people that would disrupt your thing to figure out how to not let them disrupt it.

:bulb: What are your thoughts? Please drop other advices to this list! :raised_hands: