Asset Token - Token Name & Symbol

What is the Token Name and Symbol?

The Token Name is pretty straight forward: what do you want to call the token?

The Symbol is the shorthand for the token, usually composed of its initials (e.g., “TEC”) and is accompanied with all the informational aspects about the token.

Implications & Parameter Options
The Token Name and Symbol will have a text input option, and the symbol should be between 2-5 characters in length.

The impact of the Token Name and Symbol is pretty obvious: This is how the token will be known to the world. It should communicate what the token stands for in a clear and memorable way, and the symbol should avoid the same initials as some of the other major projects within the space.

Related Parameters to consider when defining Token Name and Symbol?

Suggested Range
While most of the community has agreed that the name of the token will be the Token Engineering Commons (TEC) token, it is always fun and interesting to see new ideas being submitted. If you have an alternative option for these parameters please submit them and justify your choices accordingly!