About the 🔐 Tao Voting category

Tao Voting is the voting process by which the Commons can modify its economic and governance settings. It is a very powerful voting application that is capable of performing many high-impact functions like mint and burn TEC tokens, install and remove applications (Modules) in the Commons, modify the parameters of all existing applications (Modules).

To submit a proposal to Tao Voting:

1 - Post your proposal in Advice Process for a minimum of 5 days
2 - Integrate relevant feedback, come to the Tao Voting section and fill in the proposal template that will open when you click “new draft”
3 - Tao Voting is on-chain and Gardens proposals require a deposit of 200 liquid TEC (non vested). You can buy TEC directly from the Augmented Bonding Curve https://convert.tecommons.org/ or on Honey swap Honeyswap Interface
4 - Go to the TEC Gardens, click in “create proposal” and follow the instructions - select the “decision filter”.
5 - Engage with the community, promote your proposal and be available to answer questions and comments :slight_smile: