About the Advanced CCD Parameters category

The Advanced Commons Configuration Dashboard (CCD) Parameters category is for posts explaining the parameters in the advanced section of the CCD.

These advanced parameters will have default values in the CCD and we won’t recommend that dashboard users change these defaults unless they have really good reason to. These defaults will be set by the Stewards and the Commons Swarm based on collective wisdom and experience in order to reduce the scope the dashboard and avoid confusion caused by minimally impactful or excessively complex params.

This category will contain posts that explain, in as much detail as necessary, the advanced parameters, the default settings and why those defaults were chosen.

This category is separate from the other categories explaining TEC parameters because we are using unique (new and improved!) parameter names in the Commons Configuration Dashboard, and these terms may not be consistent with previous posts explaining the same concepts. This category is separate from the regular “CCD Parameters” category to create a clear distinction between the parameters we recommend changing, and those we do not.