ABC advance page

ABC advance page


Create and advance page for the converter. Right now when users are interacting with the bonding curve it shows just like a swap equal to uniswap or any other DEX, if this proposal passes, we will explain with visuals how the commons and ABC work when interacting with the converter

Proposal description

This proposal aims to improve the user experience when interacting with the bonding curve, creating an advanced page where users can see where we are at the bonding curve and the shape of this one. Will also include a swap feature which will be very clear with the money flows interacting with the curve.

And a historical price chart with mint and burn price together with storage data in the Last transactions section that will include accounts, reserve value, total supply, amount in, price, tribute, amount out and new price.

Will keep the simple converter page we already have because we think a simple way to interact with it is interesting for some users but we will create a button to go to the advanced page.

The funds asked in this proposal will be exclusive to pay general magic who will provide design and development power 35 WXDAI/H which, according to market conditions is a good deal for the TEC. Management of this project is already included in the transparency proposal, because we were expecting to collaborate with Commons Stack to make this project happen, but given the market conditions Commons Stack is lacking financial power.

The budget of this project designs and development will be 95 hours (3,325.00 WXDAI). We will be asking for 5,000.00 WXDAI because unexpected work will be raised, especially in the development side any carry over after the project is done will be sent back to the common pool.

How does this proposal benefit the community and/or the field of Token Engineering?

Right now interacting with the bonding curve looks like a swap with little details to the user to understand what’s going on. It will create the option to have a visual representation when interacting with the bonding curve designs are already going on so we can have an idea of how it will look by looking at those designs

Amount requested (Only for Conviction Voting)

5,000.00 WXDAI

How will these funds be used? (Only for conviction voting)

Those funds will be to pay design and dev work to general magic, management will be paid by Transparency WG

What does success look like?

Have the abc advance page in the TEC converter.

How will you share progress?

*Progress will be share in the community call by the transparency WG and the payments to general pagic wich includes dev and design work (35 WXDAI/h) will be deplay in this proposal. Management work is included in the transparency budget *

Team Information

Mateo - Developer
Nuggan - Developer
Rodri - Designer
Zeptimus - Project manager


Excellent idea. If we want people to really understand what is happening when they interact with the ABC, we could do a much better job articulating that process visually with a companion explainer and this sounds like it would accomplish that. Excited to see this accomplished asap.

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