One time change of TECH addresses (as requested by owner because access was lost or another reason)

Interface it’s a bit buggy, if anyone trying to vote and it’s not loading try to press F5 (or shift-refresh, took myself 20 attempts, do not hesitate keep trying! :smiley: ). Make sure to get some xdai to be able to pay the gas (1 xdai should pay your gas like forever :D). And last but not least, do not check the clock it says the vote have 2 days from now, its because blocks are faster on xdai and it bugs the interface, the vote will end in 4 days since Sem posted it yesterday night CET.


:white_check_mark: ¡Todo chévere! Good work y’all!


We forgot to add permissions to mint and burn tokens for the voting app, so we will need to do an extra vote with these commands:

connect 0x4625c2c3E1Bc9323CC1A9dc312F3188e8dE83f42 tollgate.1hive dandelion-voting.1hive
exec agent transfer 0xe91D153E0b41518A2Ce8Dd3D7944Fa863463a97d 0xc125218f4df091ee40624784caf7f47b9738086f 1000e18
grant dandelion-voting.1hive token-manager MINT_ROLE dandelion-voting.1hive
grant dandelion-voting.1hive token-manager BURN_ROLE dandelion-voting.1hive

The vote gives back 1000 wxDAI that are spend on the tollgate fee, and adds permissions to be able to execute the previous vote. The vote is planned for in a few hours, on Wednesday Oct 13th at 0:00 UTC.


The new vote has it’s own thread: Changing permissions on the HatchDAO

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This vote has been executed on November 3rd 2021.