Welcome to 🌱 Proposals! Start Here!

:seedling: This category is for projects to request feedback through Advice Process and submit proposals to Conviction Voting, Dandelion Voting and Forum Voting. Find the sub-categories descriptions bellow.

  • Advice Process: Use this section to request feedback to increase the confidence of your proposal before submitting for voting!
  • Forum Voting: Use the Forum Voting category to propose implementing or changing cultural agreements using the poll tool available in the forum with the option YES, NEUTRAL, BLOCK or post a proposal for signaling purposes using the poll tool available in the forum with up to 5 choices.
  • Conviction Voting: Use CV section to post financial proposals that will be submitted to the Commons
  • Dandelion Voting: Pick the DV section to propose modifying the DAO parameters and smart contracts. The forum link containing the proposal description will be submitted to the Commons.

:writing_hand:When you click +NEW TOPIC, you will see a template. Follow the template and fill out the information for the proposal you would like to submit.

:books: Learn more about what kind of projects the TEC will fund here

If you would like an overview of the Token Engineering Commons, check out the: :rainbow:Welcome section