Tokenlog for the Prime Time Vote

Using Token Log to Decide Hatch Params

We are almost ready to begin picking the TEC Hatch parameters but we need your help! We need you to vote! Not just any vote but a vote regarding how we pick params for the Hatch using Token Log. What’s Token Log?

Tokenlog is a new governance tool that democratizes open-source software projects by creating token-weighted backlogs.

It allows projects to continuously gather feedback from their token-holders and allows token-holders to signal which items matter to them rather than just vote on single proposals.

How will it work for choosing the TEC Hatch Params?

  • Tokenlog is permissionless and free to set-up and configure, learn more:
  • Integrates seamlessly with Github.
  • Free off-chain and gasless ETH signature voting.
  • Quadratic voting using both CSTK and IHT.

What’s best? It already works and is using both CSTK Tokens and Impact Hour Tokens!! Test it out by prioritizing TE Commons issues in our coordination repo

Help the Community Stewards prioritize the work to be done before the Hatch and test Tokenlog before we use it to choose the TEC Hatch DAO’s parameters.

Make Bug reports and suggestions to improve Tokenlog here:


Thanks for sharing Jake.

Please note that the shared link was just a preview, specifically for the PR I was working on. Not a permanent link… Everything is merged again, and available on

As mentioned, any question, feedback or ideas are more than welcome! The plan is to integrate Sourcecred in the near future as well, so contributions (even ideas/feedback) will be rewarded at some point :slight_smile:

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